• Color Selection

    Choosing the Perfect Paint Color

    When it comes to home decorating, nothing creates a greater impact than color. The color you choose for a room sets the tone for the entire space. It can influence the way you feel when you’re there and it can make a statement to your guests. So how can you choose the perfect paint color?

    Use a Little Psychology

    Psychologists tell us that color accounts for a large percentage of our response to objects or rooms. It explains why a bright yellow kitchen turns some people on while others hate it. Our moods are influenced by color. This phenomenon is referred to as “color psychology.”

    If you are looking to create a certain kind of atmosphere in a particular room, choose a paint color to capture that feeling. As a general rule, warmer and brighter colors create a more social ambiance while cooler and softer colors tend to be more restful. So if you’re looking to make a lively living room choose colors in the yellow, gold, orange and red families. On the other hand if you want a living room to chill out in, then go for cool hues like greens, grays, and blues. Keep them soft for a feeling of tranquility. If you want something more in the middle then opt for neutral colors like beiges and whites.

    Focus on Your Favorites

    When choosing the perfect paint color it’s always a good idea to keep your favorite hues in mind. After all if you like a color, why wouldn’t you want it in your surroundings? Maybe you have a shirt or some other item in a favorite color that inspires you. Take it to your local hardware store, Home Depot or Lowes. They can help you get an exact match of paint.

    But what if that hot pink scarf you love won’t work on your walls? Take it with you anyway. Compare it with some of the swatches available in the paint store. See if you can find a color family that matches with it. The idea is to look at the various shades on the color cards and find a lighter version of your favorite. It might be better suited for your walls. Another option is to use that bold color on one accent wall or for trim.

    Samples and Swatches

    Finally, nothing beats playing around with samples and swatches. Pick up as many of those paint chips as you can. Hold them up to your walls in both natural and artificial light. Narrow down your choices to three or four. Then buy quart size cans of paint in these colors. Test them out on your wall and see how they look. You’re bound to find the right one!

    When it comes to choosing the perfect paint color, keep in mind the mood of the room and your favorite colors. The beauty of paint is that there is no commitment and you can change it whenever you like. Now that’s perfect!