Girl's Bedroom

Decorating A Girl’s Bedroom

If you’re thinking about decorating a girl’s bedroom, there are so many ways you can take a bland, boring room and turn it into a beautiful oasis for a girl of any age. From nurseries to teenager get-aways, decorating a girl’s bedroom can be fun and exciting. It is especially rewarding to do the activity together over a weekend or as time allow.

Here are some wonderful ideas for you to consider when decorating a girl’s room.

Color. Choosing the color of a girl’s bedroom is an important task. If your girl is old enough to make an informed decision, you can ask her what color she prefers, but if not you can’t go wrong with a shade of pink or lavender. Off white tends to work quite well also. Little girls tend to love those colors and there are plenty of ways to accessorize the room with different shades of those colors. Try to stay away from dark colors, as they tend not to brighten the mood of the room as much. Pastels work wonderful!

Use the Magic of Paint

Paint is perhaps the least expensive way to transform a room. Adding color can create an entirely new mood in a room. And you don’t even have to paint every wall! Create an accent wall by using a bold dramatic color on just one wall. You can also experiment and texturize your paint by using sponges or special rollers.

Paint isn’t just limited to walls either. You can add new life to old lamps, picture frames and furniture with can of spray paint. Just changing these small details in a room can provide a whole new look. And the best part is you’ve spent very little money!

Furniture. Girls tend to like furniture that reminds them of what a princess would sleep in. Go ahead and place a beautiful bed, a vanity with a mirror, and a dresser. You may also include a desk if there is room and the child is old enough to make us of it. Try not to keep the room cluttered with too much furniture though.

Themes. You can decorate a girl’s bedroom according to a certain theme and depending on the age. For toddlers and early education years, you can go with cartoon characters like Dora or Hello Kitty. You can also go with a princess or fairy tale theme. Some preteens and teen girls like a retro theme with bright and neon colors incorporated throughout the room. A theme will depend on what your girl is interested in. It could be something like butterflies, the outdoors, swimming, gymnastics, dancing, or theatre. You can also switch up the theme every few years if you desire.

Decorating a girl’s room can be a great experience and can create wonderful memories together. Take some time to look at pictures online of other rooms to get ideas and have a fun time together. Girls rooms ought to be a place they can go to and feel beautiful and magical; you can be a part of creating an atmosphere like that.

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